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My Services


One to one hypnotherapy or Coaching sessions can be done in person or via Skype/Zoom,Sessions are between an hour and a half - two hours per session.

For pricing details & enquiries please contact


''It's never too late to rewrite your story''

Marisa Peer 


I'm passionate about delivering the message that actually ,yes, you can re-direct your life & I'm a testament to that.The workshops I create for the workplace or team building event are about finding the purpose,finding the reasons & transferring that into daily life. Dealing with Anxiety/Stress, managing those emotions that can overwhelm us. Teaching too, the rules of the mind & how our thoughts impact our actions.

The same applies for speaking engagements,to deliver motivation in the form of words, of stories & to stir up the hidden possibilities that get the audience ready to take the action they need to make change is the core of my message.


Ask yourself..... 

"What do I believe isn't available to me?"

& allow me to uncover the answer.


Why choose a coach, a mentor? Sometimes in life we reach a point where our goals seem out of our reach or we need a fresh enthusiasm to break through to the next level of a business project, a personal goal or remove a stumbling block.

Coaching & mentorship can offer that fresh set of eyes & my approach delivers the results, time after time I've changed a clients perspective into one where they find their own path to their freedom.


Understanding when under hypnosis gives way to the most incredible,profound changes.

Accessing the sub-conscious mind to find those moments & memories that have been

hidden are the key to creating lasting change.

Hypnosis isn't scary, its a way to quieten the chatter and listen to whats really going on, whats really making you tick ,where the drive or lack of comes from.

To ask the sub-conscious mind for the answers seems so easy & it is!

Its a safe way to review events,memories & reasons.

And it's relaxing too, clients will often leave a session feeling so free,so focused,so in tune with themselves,they say "it's a mind spa"

The science behind hypnosis is real.

Hypnosis is regarded as an altered state of consciousness,a "flow state" a "mediative state" For centuries hypnosis has been used to reduce pain,stress or anxiety.

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