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Freedom from Anxiety.

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

Anxiety.the buzz word that everyone seems to be talking about.But what does anxiety mean to you?

For me, I never thought I suffered from it, until I started the self development journey & recognised this low level of anxiety & always searching for the problem of the day the minute I woke up.

I didn't realise it was something that was giving me a state to focus in on,to make decisions in an anxious state is hard work, but for many anxiety goes beyond that.

It becomes physical symptoms that manifest themselves in the form of panic attacks,of headaches,of stress, of avoidance all of which lead to isolation. The isolation becomes part of the loop of feeling over whelmed,to feeling physical symptoms to then back to feeling over whelmed, & so it goes on, dragging the sufferer further into their own torture. To simply break free or to "get over it" doesn't achieve the desired affect of getting over anything, quite the opposite in fact.

I've seen many clients who suffer from anxiety in it's most crippling form or the low level daily anxiety I felt, we all have one thing in common.... the desire not to feel like that. To be able to go through the day feeling happy in your own skin,feeling confident driving,going shopping,to enjoy time out with friends without feeling different. To feel connected to those we love without fear.

I found by working out where & when the first time you experienced anxiety can lead us to our own understanding & ultimately how to manage & overcome it.

That sounds too easy right?

Our own minds give us freedom & our imprisonment,our punishment & reward in life are the same, we wake up everyday with ourselves so it totally figures that we have & store our own answers. Unlocking them really is the key to freedom from our anxiety.

Join this journey of freedom & learning & give yourself a new perspective.

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