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Finding Your Purpose.

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

My Purpose became crystal clear over the past few years,finding that my passion for people would become my purpose has been the best experience of my life.

I have always loved people,watching them, getting to know so many from so many walks of life & observing how & why we do what we do.

I never dreamed that I would end up working with people to help them find their own true purpose.

I love what I do. I love the connections that I make, the people that I meet, the stories that I am privileged to be told.

The freedom that I can give to people is so awe inspiring & never fails to amaze me.

But my life hasn't always been like this, I've had my fair share of life curve balls thrown at me. I've experienced situations & human nature at it's worst & most selfish, I've experienced grief as a child, witnessed the destruction of alcoholism & gambling addictions, looked after a bed ridden Dad who has lived with the effects of a stroke for 16 years & been a single parent, believing at one time I would never meet anyone, & never be in a loving relationship again.But I'm not the only person in the world to have faced such struggles, I am though very aware of my ability to overcome & rise through such struggles.

How am I still so happy? How did any of these & other situations shape me?

One thing I've always had is a love for life, even at its most brutal, most saddest, Life to me has always been something to enjoy, to find something to love in every day has got me through some of my darkest moments.

To take each day as a new day & learn a lesson from the day before has very much shaped the person I am.

Some day the lessons are hard & incomprehensible but always a lesson, how we learn the lesson is our greatest teaching.

Other days the lessons & nudges are easy & fun, there are more days like that in my life now,which really taught me that no situation is ever permanent, that things do change & you can choose to change with it.

Having a purpose gives me the greatest drive, the mission is to pass on how to love life, life on your terms, without constraints, with ease & grace & with passion & purpose.Without the attachment of fear or dread.

Situations will always arise in our lives, we hold on to many memories of what wronged us & sometimes we carry that for years,giving us a truly heavy load. When life feels that heavy it can take just one more little thing that tips us over the edge. Having a purpose perspective, a reason to push you forward will always lighten the mental load, even if in the thick of that sadness you don't feel it, the purpose perspective when you look back is what got you through.

Your purpose can be anything... it doesn't have to be something thats massive, it can be your pet, your family , your community, your friends. Often the small connections in a dark, stagnant time are what make the bigger connections , they are what propel you even further.

When I started releasing what was holding me back, it was the building back up of confidence through friendships that got me back on my feet.

"But I don't have many friends" I hear some of you say... you can always change that. If you don't have the confidence to make friends in the physical sense you can reach out online to find a tribe that will lift you & love you, value what you have to say.

The connections we make are the beginnings of our purpose.

You CAN chose change, you can chose to respond rather than react, you can find a purpose in your life who ever you are & what ever stage of your life you are at.

Enjoy the ride & take what you will from my experiences, whilst building your own, on your terms.

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