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Hi I’m Sasha,

my mission is to help you find your joy, free your fears and heal your trauma.




   Start The Freedom will help you heal your heart,find your joy and discover your freedom.
I work with healing trauma and facing Grief, I also specialise in working with teenagers not just dealing with grief or trauma but wider experience of anxiety and related issues.
Healing from Grief is a deep journey of feeling, facing and accepting your loss.
The Grief  Tree program is a supportive space that allows a heart that is hurting the space to grieve and heal.
Healing from trauma~ be that significant events, childhood or adult trauma~ can breathe new vitality into your life.
When you begin to heal trauma that is stored in the body life becomes easier, more enjoyable, less confrontational, less reactive.You gain more peace, more joy, more energy. More choice is available, relationships become more fulfilling and connecting.
Allow me to take you on a journey that will heal your heart and re-discover your joy and release your trauma.
Tools for Teens has grown through the Pandemic to support teenagers and their families navigate the challenges of this ever changing world.

Doctor and teacher recommended, I have worked with anxiety,fear, OCD, phobias and isoloation for teens local to Surrey and over Zoom across UK.


Met the boss & my hero ❤️ bloody love th


 sasha holyoake

Life creates stories for us to be the main character in.

Often these stories include chapters on fear, loss, betrayal, pain, limits and bad habits. It is easy to get stuck in these stories that stay on repeat, keeping us making the same

decisions or leave us feeling that life is a struggle.

I welcome you to this space and truly hope that I can offer

you something that will help you find your freedom.

With Love,

Sasha x


The Grief Tree

We all experience grief at some point in our life.


The Grief Tree is an 8 week course designed to take you through understanding how grief and loss can  and does impact you.

How to  navigate the process and heal, what to expect and how to live with the experience.

Grief is a personal journey for every individual, if you are struggling to come to terms with grief and loss of any kind then this is is a program that will undoubtedly help you through the challenge.


Weekly sessions held via Zoom and email support after.




Breakthrough is an 8 week program  that is designed for anyone  that wants to transform their life and relationships.

A program that will take you through a healing journey.


A program that will eliminate destructive habits. 

A program that will help you achieve a pivot in your business or obtain a goal or start something new, bring balance and renew energy.


A program created to provide support,heal trauma and rediscover joy.


Weekly sessions held via Zoom sessions.



 Tools For Teens

Tools for Teens is a one to one coaching program created to help stressed out, anxious and isolated teens overcome the overwhelm and struggles they are facing.


The Pandemic has bought out many a challenge for teens and their families.


Fears that couldn't be expressed or dealt with meant that many teenagers suddenly found themselves not able to go out, experiencing OCD behaviour or intrusive thoughts, out of control sleeping and eating patterns, some of these then stayed with them as the world began to open up again, impacting greatly their daily lives.


School and friendships that were manageable prior to the Pandemic now were not.

As I worked closely with schools, care-givers, parents and most importantly the teenagers themselves I began to see the shifts happening, the smiles returning, the friendships blooming.

The weekly sessions help alleviate the fears, subside the the OCD, fix the broken sleep and bring back confidence.


8-12 Weekly sessions that support,encourage and help them thrive in their environment has become more important than ever now.


Techniques that help with body image, social anxiety, exam stress and friendship issues,post pandemic fears,

OCD patterns and negative thoughts will change how your teenager will feel about themselves and their world.


Concessions available.


Weekly one to one sessions delivered via Zoom. Face to face sessions also available within Surrey.

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